The Headers module is the most basic of all modules, but also the most commonly used. This article will outline the basic usage, along with some tips and tricks to teach you how to get the most out of the Headers module.

Basic Usage

  1. Enter your keywords in the Keywords field.

  2. Click "OK" to save.

  3. Re-apply the module(s)!

The Header Template

If you are working with languages other than english or want to customise how your keywords are placed into the h-tags, the Header template is what you need.

Templates are configured by writing Spintax or other text with an XXXXX inside it.
Let's say our keywords are a, b and c. We want to just have keywords for this example. We can accomplish this by configuring the module like so:

Notice how now the output is just "A"? That is because we've configured our template to just place keywords.

Another example is if we wanted some exclamation or question marks after our keywords:

Now we've got the keyword and then some Spintax! ViolĂ .

Generate Table of Contents

To generate a Table of Contents, enable the "Generate Table of Contents" checkbox at the bottom. This will automatically place it at the top and link it to the h-tags created.

Header Frequency

By sliding each end you can determine the frequency of h-tags placed in the articles.
The default value is 2-4, that means that per-article, we randomly pick a number between 2 and 4 inclusively and set that as the interval of h-tags.
If we picked 3, it'd always place a h-tag every 3 paragraphs.

Other Actions

Click "SEND RESULT TO..." to take the Spintax generated by the keywords + the header template to the alt-text of images or videos.
Click "COPY RESULT" to copy it instead.

Changing Weights

Sometimes you don't want any H1s because your publishing platform already has them. Sometimes you want no H3s. You can configure these thresholds with the "H-tag Distribution" section.
You can access this by hitting the cog on the top-right of the dialog. It looks like this:

Think of the h-tag distribution like this:
Place 2 H1s. If there are more paragraphs, place up to two H2s. If there are even more paragraphs, place up to two H3s. If there are even more paragraphs, place H4s until there are no more paragraphs.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to chat to us or email us at

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